Days off from work

Its funny how when I have a day off from work, I end up doing absolutely nothing and the day is gone. If I did that at work, the time would just drag on and on and on! 

Today I had a day off and I didnt actually achieve much. Although I did do some cleaning, and almost got hurt from a light bulb i was changing blowing up and smashing on the floor, I still wonder where all those hours went. 

Hopefully the next day off I get I may end up doing something a little more productive! 


Designer items

Now, I have always wondered, what is the need to purchase designer items? What is the point? 

It is basically someone who has made up a name, stuck it on a bag or whatever, and is selling it at an expensive price. I could easily make a few items with My name on it and if it is popular then it would be a designer, I guess! 

Some of the items are ridiculously priced, and i do not see the point in purchasing the items. It does bug me when i see people getting happy over a Gucci bag or a Chanel dress, what is the point in purchasing these things. 

Dont get me wrong , i have the money to buy the things, i choose not to because I do not see the point in it, its a waste of money and it bugs me when people show off about having these designer things! Do we really need these things? The answer is, No we do not. 


The other day I was watching something interesting on BBC3 and saw a rather disturbing drug that was aparently on the way the UK. 

This drug is called Krokodil and has been in Russia for years, its a cheaper alternative to Heroin and Cocaine. 

What shocked me while watching this, was the user’s skin was just vanishing because of the ingredients in this drug, such as petrol, lighter fluid and codiene and bleach. The users skin would produce puss and just look almost like a zombie. 

It just makes me wonder why people would take this drug when they would only have about 2 years to love. It is sad and also shocking why people would do this to themselves. 

Some of the pictures I have seen have been young people and they end up looking like zombies when they have taken it for a while. 

Really shocked me and made me think that life is just so messed up. 


So, I decided to start a blog as I am insanely bored and thought what else better to do then start blog. Not sure what the blog is going to be based on, probably will be just about random stuff that comes into my head everyday, whatever that may be… We will just have to wait and see.