Designer items

Now, I have always wondered, what is the need to purchase designer items? What is the point? 

It is basically someone who has made up a name, stuck it on a bag or whatever, and is selling it at an expensive price. I could easily make a few items with My name on it and if it is popular then it would be a designer, I guess! 

Some of the items are ridiculously priced, and i do not see the point in purchasing the items. It does bug me when i see people getting happy over a Gucci bag or a Chanel dress, what is the point in purchasing these things. 

Dont get me wrong , i have the money to buy the things, i choose not to because I do not see the point in it, its a waste of money and it bugs me when people show off about having these designer things! Do we really need these things? The answer is, No we do not. 

One thought on “Designer items

  1. I know someone who has the habit of buying designer stuff that has no use, like like writing a name on a sticker and sticking it to a bag or dress or perfume just ridiculous

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