Beds, everyone loves beds.

Its what we can never get out of, and it is so damn hard in the mornings to get out of bed. I hate getting out of mine, I feel like staying in my bed for ages and ages.

I dont care, anyone who sleeps with one flat pillow is just mad and missing out. How can anyone sleep with 1 pillow and get a good night sleep, I know i cant! I need to sleep with atleast 3 pillows depending on how thick they are.

Beds are the most amazing thing in the world. After a hard day thats all u need.

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Work is just the longest process ever. Im currently sitting in the staff room just watching all the staff, as I am the manager of the store, wasnt being a pervert.

Sometimes I do think, what is the point of working? Do we need to work? Obviously we do because we need to eat, pay rent and live. But really, what is the point, we are working to survive and live and eventually we die. So all that work we have done, counts for nothing really.

Maybe I only feel like this because, right now I would rather be in my bed, just relaxing under the duvet, with my head on my nice massive comfy pillow. And not have to stand for hours and walk around and constantly keep talking. I probably am more angry because ive lost my 3 weeks of holiday because of no staff, and the fact that the new holiday has started on april 1st. Which now I have 4 weeks again to use by next year, technically I should have 7 weeks!

If only i could just go home and get into my bed.

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So I got this product from my local Superdrug and it is really good, a must have item!

It is called face form by Sleek, and is for contouring, it comes with a highlighter, countouring powder and bronzer. The price for this product was £9.99, which I think is brilliant for the quality of the product.

It blends into the skin perfectly and doesnt look fake, looks very natural. I got the medium, because I have a tanned skin tone. The light shade is for lighter skin tones, and would be too light for me.

This product is 10/10, the packaging is good and it comes with a compact mirror so you can use it on the move, and it will easily fit into your handbag.

Amazing product!

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Bad eyebrows

Now, I have seen somw girls with massive and I mean massive eyebrows that are just ridiculous. These people will pencil their brows in thick, and it just looks like it has been painted on and just doesnt look at all nice.

I dont understand the need for going OTT with eyebrows, all u need to do is neaten them and keep them in a nice shape that matches your face not go over board with them.

How does one walk around with eyebrows thicker than their eyes? What makes them think it looks good, how do they not see in the mirror that they look ridiculous. Why are their friends not telling them?

All these questions pop into my head and the more people I see doing this the more i think WTF!

I mean some people have their eyebrows too thin. And some too thick. It just really bugs the hell out of me. 🙎

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Just sitting here…

So, I am just sitting here thinking…

Finally the hot sunshine has arrived and the nice weather. I hate coming out of work when it is dark and gloomy, just makes me feel depressed and tired. Although it does feel like I have closed the shop early and decided to go home, it is a lot better than recent days.

I have no idea what I am going to do on my day off tommorow, hopefully the sun will stay shining and warm…

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