Whats perfect. There is no such thing

Now ive seen so many celebrities being labelled “sexiest” this and that. But really there is no such thing, everyone is different in their own way.

I never idolise a celebrity, and I would love to tell teenagers and people who do to just stop.

All these celebrities like Kim kardashian, and Nikki Minaj, showing their arses and saying that big is better and men like this, but not everyone is the same, everyone has a different type, and why should have a big arse and big boobs make you sexy and perfect? Its the media of today that makes girls think this, there are people thee days injecting god knows what into their arses and gettint plastic surgery on themselves to look like these celebs or enhance their assets, totally wrong. You should never change how you was born, to look like some celebrity.

Teenagers making themselves sick, to look like models on the catwalk and becoming anorexic because of what the media portrays as “perfect” ive never ever wanted to look like a celebrity, because most of them without surgery and make up artists look just like us.

There are people who complain about their looks but I think you should embrace what you have, and realise that there is no pefect its all in your head.

Who can define perfect? How do we know its having perfect skin and perfect assets and beinf skinny or having massive arses. Perfect is what people believe is perfect and everyone sees that word differently.

People who are slightly over weight should never let arseholes bring them down, and tell them they are ugly because they have some meat here and there. People with people these days is they discriminate against people and its wrong, and if your not perfect you get bullied at school and u arent popular, and they make your life hell. But no one is 100% perfect but that is what makes us individuals and we need to accept who we are, and not try to change ourselves to be accepted and be respected.

Remember everyone is beautiful no matter what.

And this is why I got a tattoo done saying “imperfection is beauty” because it really is when your comfortable with who you are 🙂



When people say you cant, take the “t”off!

Its so easy to listen to when people say “you cant do it” what they really mean is THEY cant.

Never let anyone tell you that you cant do something, do they know what you can do? No they dont, they dont even know what they can do because they are negative people, and those people think they cant.

Theres so many young people who are put down by people everyday, and what happens, they end up not doing their dream. There will be obstacles that are put there to test you, but it never means you give up and u cant do anything, because you can anyone can.

The word to remember is can and not cant, i have been told I cant do so many things and what happened i saw i could do alot of the things they said i couldnt or wouldnt.

This life is what makes people not follow their dreams, because of the negative minds of others, a winner never quits, quitters never win. People will always put you down because thats what people do, but always remember you can do anything you want to, never listen never let them bring you down.


You cant trust anybody!!

Ive met alot of people in my life, as many of us do.

And many of those people you just cannot trust, they are always out for themselves or negative reasons, which will be exposed in the end.

The ones who pretend to be your friend/best friend:
These types of people will be all up your arse basically, hang out with you everyday, find out all your business, and what do u find out, they are bitching about you behind your back. They will try to bring you down, when your doing well in your life and make you think negatively and make you think they are better than you. They will attack you at your weaknesses and use stuff they know about you to bring you down to their sad levels. They will try to steal from you and steal what u have, to make themselves better than you.

The ones who pretend to care about you:
These people will pretend they care about you to feed themselves, they dont care about you honey, they are only about themselves and what you can bring to their lives, which is probably alot more than you think in most cases. They will use you for their own selfish needs, but no they do not care about you, no matter how much they claim to say they do.

Theres people who will brag about their fantasic lives and what they own and have, and rub it in your face everyday, and make you feel like you cannot gain any of those things and you cannot ever be better than them.

Theres people who will say they are smarter than you, and they are more intelligant and more successful than you are.

Theres people who know you are doing better than them and will break you down, physically, mentally and emotionally, so that you end up on their level, and when they see u are doing well, you can guarentee they will try to drag you into something that can possibly ruin your life and your future and you can lose everything.

Theres people who will try to steal your partner, or attempt to or in some cases they achieve that goal but only for a short while. Because they feel lonely and not happy in themselves.

There are people that are higher than you in job roles, that will undermine you and make you feel stupid and plot against you.

There are so many different types of people, that are negative and bring you down, but the most important thing is, to not let them, its to break free from the need of having friends and being popular with people, because who needs that? Who needs to be popular with people? Who needs to have millions of so called friends who arent really your friends, they are just there for the entertainment.

Have you ever noticed, when you tell someone close to u, whether it be a friend or someone else, a sad story or something bad that happening in your life, they kind of just strug their shoulders and say ” well you cased this , you chose that” or they make it out like they are there but when u need to talk to them they arent listening and talk about themselves and how wonderful their life is going, or dont really help you at all. They enjoy the entertainment, people thrive on other peoples problems.

What I have realised after hanging around with so many people, having so many so called friends, is that you do not need any of that, you need a few people, who are like yourself which is a genuine person, which in this world it is hard to find those few people out there who are genuine.

I just find it hard to trust anyone these days, and im sure alot of people feel the exact same way.

Remember your born alone and you die alone