Whats perfect. There is no such thing

Now ive seen so many celebrities being labelled “sexiest” this and that. But really there is no such thing, everyone is different in their own way.

I never idolise a celebrity, and I would love to tell teenagers and people who do to just stop.

All these celebrities like Kim kardashian, and Nikki Minaj, showing their arses and saying that big is better and men like this, but not everyone is the same, everyone has a different type, and why should have a big arse and big boobs make you sexy and perfect? Its the media of today that makes girls think this, there are people thee days injecting god knows what into their arses and gettint plastic surgery on themselves to look like these celebs or enhance their assets, totally wrong. You should never change how you was born, to look like some celebrity.

Teenagers making themselves sick, to look like models on the catwalk and becoming anorexic because of what the media portrays as “perfect” ive never ever wanted to look like a celebrity, because most of them without surgery and make up artists look just like us.

There are people who complain about their looks but I think you should embrace what you have, and realise that there is no pefect its all in your head.

Who can define perfect? How do we know its having perfect skin and perfect assets and beinf skinny or having massive arses. Perfect is what people believe is perfect and everyone sees that word differently.

People who are slightly over weight should never let arseholes bring them down, and tell them they are ugly because they have some meat here and there. People with people these days is they discriminate against people and its wrong, and if your not perfect you get bullied at school and u arent popular, and they make your life hell. But no one is 100% perfect but that is what makes us individuals and we need to accept who we are, and not try to change ourselves to be accepted and be respected.

Remember everyone is beautiful no matter what.

And this is why I got a tattoo done saying “imperfection is beauty” because it really is when your comfortable with who you are 🙂


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