Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian!

Now everyone knows who these two ‘women’ are, who doesn’t? These two anger me so much that I need to write about them, not because I am a ‘hater’ but because they just annoy me to the point where, I see their faces all over social media and it gets so annoying.

These two women are not know for their intelligence, or their talent, oh hell no. They are known for removing their clothes when both of them have children, and of course are rich and do not need to pull these stunts really. So why do they do it? Well clearly the answer is, they are not respectable women of the world.

Kim Kardashian

This woman as we all know, became famous from a sex tape, yes a sex tape, very classy, I think not. She then had a reality television show which is still going. She loves to pretend shes so classy, and dresses in all these designer clothes, well when shes wearing any.

Young girls look up to this woman, and this is how she is behaving. I have no problem with people living their life, of course it is their life at the end of the day, but she is a mother now, she has a partner, why is she showing the whole world her naked body and her arse all the flipping time. Like common woman, have you not shown enough?

I do not look up to this woman at all, I think she is a bad role model for young women growing up, because she is just so trashy.

I was watching this one episode of her, when her ‘husband’ Kris Humpries threw her in the water, and she lost her Diamond earrings, and she was crying and making a huge deal about it for ages. All I was thinking is imagine, if she was in poor parts of the world with not even water, or anything to eat, because that is how some people are living and she is complaining about a luxury, that really shouldn’t have been worn while she was going swimming or near water, because obviously you will lose them. So she ended up finding them and then she was all happy, but with the amount of money she has she can buy more.

This woman is so whinny and annoying, and just a full on attention seeker, and young women look up to this woman as if she is a god, No honeys you should never look up to someone like this. This woman has clearly had butt implants and surgery to her face, as she looks totally different to when she first came out, and now her sister Kylie Jenner has got all the surgery and looks similar to her now, when she again looked totally different before. She is even teaching her younger siblings to do stuff like this.

I just cant believe this woman is famous, she is not inspirational, she is not at all talented, she may be a good looking woman, but that is all. She said in her interview once that she is a ”very private person”, that is a joke in itself, as her naked body is spread all over the internet for a magazine which was supposed to ”break the internet”, no darling you are not a private person, everyone knows everything that is going on in your life and what your body looks like, and that my friend is not classy at all.

There are females getting surgery to look like her and its like, why would you want to look like her, her looks aren’t real as she has had surgery, why would you want to waste money. Her mother is another one too, what mother let’s their daughter take those kind of nude photos when she has a child, and Kanye west too, what good boyfriend would let their girlfriend take those photos.

Amber rose 

Now we all know Wiz Khalifa aparently cheated on her with two twins who resemble Rihanna, and since then she has basically been taking all these exposing pictures of herself and her arse is on show and all sorts. What is wrong with her, she also has kids too, why would she want to take these photos, yes she is single now, but she still has kids, like really?

I mean I don’t have much to say about her as I do not follow what she does, because she is not really in the public eye for anything other than exposing herself, I mean iv’e not seen her in any movies, made any songs or on television even, so what does she actually do.

And again guys are all obsessed with her, and girls look up to her. You got people calling her a ‘bad bitch’ well im sorry what the hell does that even mean these days. I mean these women are happy to be called ‘bad bitches’ so they clearly cannot respect themselves one bit, I know I would not like to be called this by any male. Some females like Amber rose get happy over being called this, but darling none of these men respect you.

Even Wendy is talking about both of these people, like both of them

My message to anyone who does look up to these women, or even thinks they want to become them, Please don’t please be happy with yourself and thank yourself that you are not them.

Listen to Steve Winwood – Higher Love instead guys 😉, and Go West – King of wishful thinking 2 good 80’s tunes.

Far better than watching these attention seeking women, and admiring them and wanting to be them!

Peace out guys x

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