50 shades of grey! Update review


So i posted about this film quite a while ago, as I saw the movie in another language and skimmed through it and didn’t really watch it. So I basically watched it, yes I know I didn’t actually think I would, but I found it online in English so I thought why not?

Now I will say that I think Dakota Johnson looks stunning, she’s an attractive woman, and her acting is quite good although there was not really a decent plot to the film.

So the movie is basically mostly Mr Grey and Anastacia just talking and talking, and a few scenes of nudity and obviously the rest. Now what angered me is the fact that this film is basically promoting abuse in a way, Mr Grey presented a contract to Anastacia that basically said he was allowed to do anything to her sexually, and she had to participate and would be punished and rewarded, depending on how she reacts to what he does. Now towards the end she tells him to punish her, and she is crying while he is, and it sort of looks close to a rape scene although she did tell him to punish her, it just was awkward and quite sad to watch, that he treated her as an object not a woman!

I mean in a way I did sort of like the movie and then I sort of hated it at the same time, it is quite a confusing and slow movie, it is 2 hours long of mostly talking! I mean she meets him and straight away she is a sex slave to him, and he was pleasantly surprised that she was in fact a virgin, and was really happy that she was, which is kind of wrong, as he knew what kind of activities she would have to participate in, as she would know no better as to what it is meant to be like as she has never done it before. I find that kind of wrong because it should not be like that at all! As Mr Grey said he was ’50 shades if fucked up’ and I guess he was.

I mean I did expect a little more from this movie, at times there is no on screen chemistry between the pair and you can see it, maybe that’s what they were aiming for but I doubt it was, that does sort of kill the movie, as you do not believe the connection because you can see there is none! I will say the soundtracks are really good, and they are the best thing in the movie, loved the soundtracks that they had in the movie.

The ending was absolutely awful, it ended the way it started, and it was really just blunt and rushed, I mean a 2 hour movie, the lead up to the end I think could have been way more thought out and not rushed! I mean I have seen on various sites that people are saying the ending was quite rubbish, and it was, that also spoiled the movie quite a great deal.

If I had to rate this movie out of 10 I would give it a 4.5, because of the story line and the ending and various other things mentioned. I wouldn’t say it was terrible, as I have seen worse movies and really boring movies, but I would not say I recommend watching this movie, or paying to see this movie, watching it online for free, maybe.

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