I love this website, they have lovely printed T-shirts and dresses, sunglasses and handbags and loads of nice things that you just cannot find in shops these days. Plus I do not like the shop where everyone else does, and not many people know about this website, which is quite good because it means you can be different from the rest and people won’t be able to copy you, and just go out ans buy what you have, because they will never guess where you got stuff from. 


I mean I have been looking for clothing items on your typical high street brand websites, such as H&M and River Island, Topshop etc. Then I came across this website from someone that I had subscribed to on Youtube, and I must say that  I love everything on the website and do not know what to choose.

1403071774459237479 Metal Black rim sunglasses –  £7.99

The sunglasses above, I love, and I can never find these type of sunglasses anywhere else. And I have been looking for similar ones everywhere, such as River Island and they just don’t do them.

1420700126287370491Printed T-shirt – £11.06

This T shirt is quite cute and unique, which I love, and it will be nice for the summer.

1407222537166922188 Hoodie sweatshirt – £13.86

I find this hoodie so adorable and cute.

1417151734321894841 Backless jumpsuit – £20.66

These are just some of the items they have, they have alot more for loads of different trends and styles. They have some nice dresses and tops and skirts, and loads of other things such as accessories, jeans, heels,shoes, jumpsuits, leggings, jackets, coats, cardigans, jumpers, like everything!!

Amazing website and products and reasonable prices, something different which is always great 🙂 



Cheaper alternative Mascara. You will be suprised.

So im sure if everyone could, they would want a mascara to be cheap, and not pay the high prices that some of these brands charge for a simple mascara

I’ve read somewhere that mascara formulas are basically the same, with a few different ingredients here and there, but they are pretty much the same.

Today I thought you know what I am not going to pay the expensive prices, that these brands such as MAC and Maxfactor charge. I was totally against paying these prices today for some reason. At the end of the day you can work with any product, you dont even need to be these fake makeup artists out there, as they do not even have a clue how to cater to people who either dont have the money or just dont want to pay these ridiculous prices. Every “makeup artists” video ive watched, well the well known artists, talk about MAC being the best and Maxfactor and a few others, this is not the case.

Here is the mascara i got for around £10 last month.


So above is the Bourjois – Push up Volume Glamour mascara, which is about £9

The month before that I got Maxfactor mascaras. Which were around £12 each.

So today I went into Primark, yes Primark everyone. Now I know what your thinking, oh primark thats crap, but let me tell you it is not. So I got this one below


So this mascara was £1, and it works exactly the same as branded Mascara, it is exactly the same as your Maxfactor and Bourjois, Rimmel and even No7. I have had all the expensive mascaras, and sometimes I am not even happy with the results, the clumping and the excess product that stays in the top of the mascara tube that goes into your wand and makes it awful when you apply it.

The only thing I will say is, the wand on the Primark mascara is your average wand, sort of like Miss Sporty or a cheaper mascara brand. However I played around with different wands from old mascaras, wash them before playing around, as you dont want all the dried up mascara going into your new mascara.

So the wand with the Primark mascara is below


As you can see the wand is quite thin and just a standard small wand.

This is the Bourjois wand


As you can see, a thicker more precise wand with bristles to seperate your lashes.

So I basically used this Bourjois wand and used the primark mascara, it is exactly the same as having the “Bourjois mascara formula” on the wand, only it wasn’t, it was our little cheap friend Primark.

So the trick is, it does not matter what formula you have, £1 or even £22, basicall you will no doubt end up with the same result, it all depends on that wand you use. And I bet most of you have those dried up mascaras still somewhere, with the massive wands or the better wands.

It has made me never want to buy a single branded mascara ever again, not because I am poor or anything, I have the money to buy them, but because I do not see the point in spending so much money for a product you can get the same results, using a £1 mascara.

I have seen so many makeup artists, and their expensive brands on how to get big extreme mascara eyes, and that you may not have the same result if you get a cheaper one, but my darlings its all bullshit, you can achieve the same look with cheaper alternatives. If these makeup artists were actual makeup artists they would know this, and probably a few of them do, but most of them do not.

So there you have it guys, you never have to worry about expensive mascaras breaking into your budgets ever again 😄

Bye bye for now.


Yes the customers!

Now we all hate customers, common we do.

Why is it they are so annoying, is it the place that you work that you get more annoying customers than the rest of the shops,  or is it just customers in general.

Now you get those picky types, the ones where nothing is good enough, the material isn’t good, or the price isn’t good or the length of the garment isn’t good. And then you get the ones, who act like they should be treated like royalty. Or when you open slightly late, like a minute late, they are all up in your faces demanding answers, like bitch do you pay for the rent of the shop or do you pay for the shop to be open, I think not calm yourselves down a little.

Now when I am a customer in a shop, I am the quite type, and that is not because I know what it feels to be a worker, its simply the fact that I do not like to embarrass myself in these shops.

You then get the thief customers, these are the type who like to ask no questions, walk around quietly and shifty and then clear the stock without leaving mess, probably the best customers of all, at least they aren’t asking you 1000 questions and making alot of mess, of course there is a downside to their work, which is profit loss of course.

Then there are the famous refunder’s, these people buy and buy and buy and then decide to just refund everything and do the same thing over and over and over again, NO THIS MUST STOP! How silly do you have to be to not know that you do not want the damn item, and then decide around 80 days later that you in fact do not like or want this product, then walk into the shop and demand a refund well you know damn well its passed the refund policy.

Then there are the ones who phone up and complain about products, that they have ripped or something has happened to them, or the ones who walk in and return some dirty smelly coat and say its come apart. Quite frankly I would be extremely embarrassed to return a dirty and smelly coat, and would just not bother, losing the money is better than losing your dignity. NO WAY, just walk away now!

Then there are the random ones, the ones who walk into a sports shop and ask for ”hello do you have the bra and the panties” No sorry do we look like we do, I mean honestly come on now! These customers will walk in and ask for the most random products that do not even match the shop, and just walk out or look at you like you are lying.

Then there are the ones who ask this very very very annoying and ridiculous question of all time ”Excuse me, do you work here” well nahhhh I just like to stand in the shops uniform for fun as I am that mental, and this is my full time job, I stand around in all the shops uniform up and down the high street all day, because I am that bored and mad and have nothing better to do with my life! WRONG, u know damn well we work here, you are just fully on annoying us and want a fight!

Then there are the rude ones, who will be all cocky and make out like they are in the right and they know this law and that law, and they WILL GO TO TRADING STANDARDS, you best believe they will, because they have nothing better to do with their day! They will report any little thing they hear or see to your head office, because this is all they have to do and this is why because NO ONE WANTS TO TALK TO THESE PEOPLE! That is why they are lonely sad people who go into shops, trying to terrorize all the workers and get them into trouble.

Don’t get me wrong there are the nice ones, the ones who are really nice and come in and have a joke and a nice conversation with you, and are polite and friendly and you like to help them because of this, but this is very rare, it doesn’t happen very much. 

I sometimes do not know what goes through these customers minds, me personally I just want to get my stuff and leave and get outta that shop, there’s people calling head office these days for not getting greeted at the door, what next will it be a case of rolling out the 6 ft red carpet for these people. Well if that is ever the case I would simply refuse to work in retail, I would simply not.

Certain customers will see you tidying a section, once its all tidied they will mess it up and not even buy anything from that section, they just did it to wind you up. Also you could be filling up a certain area or changing the way it looks, and BAM suddenly loads of people want what you are filling up when they never did for the last 2 hours that you wasn’t doing a damn thing!

I just think people need to learn some manners, and treat shops differently to how they currently are treating them, its a disgrace, especially for the workers. Fix yourself up if you are one of those annoying arsehole people!!


Makeup rant part 2!


Now I had posted a comment yesterday evening on a video which is posted on how to contour like kim kardashian. The link is above, now I had some keyboard warrior comment back saying :


Now how hilarious is this, this girl had replied back to me with very little punctuation, and all caps. Keyboard warrior much?

Now I never said girls should not be wearing makeup, I myself wear it, I am simply stating the amount girls are wearing these days is hideous and makes them look completely different and not themselves, and they are covering up their natural beauty rather than embracing it. This keyboard warrior decided to get involved when her opinion was just so ridiculous and so childish, and swearing? Really? I never swore and even in my reply I did not swear, as I am more mature, and this is probably why she agrees with 40 minute long make up process as she has not fully turned into a woman and thinks that covering yourself to a extreme extent in liquids and chemicals is the right way to go. No honey No!!!

I watched it simply for the fact of fun, to see exactly how much girls are wearing these days and commented about a girl embracing what they have and not trying to cover it up, and try to look like Kim kardashian, who by the way has had loads of surgery to look how she does.

I am sorry, my opinion is my opinion, the same exact way that these girls are wearing this hideous make up and ruining their skin and their natural beauty!!

WHY WHY would you want to cover your face so much with all these chemicals, do you not know that less is more? I do not understand why women and females feel the need to cake it, and I MEAN LITERALLY CAKE THAT SHIZZLE! I mean do they not even worry about the effects it is having on their skin, do they not see the effects when they take their makeup off, are they that blind?

I am not against makeup, I think makeup should be used to bring out features you have and to embrace your features, not to change up your whole face and try to look like a celebrity that has had tons of surgery!

Imperfection is beauty remember that girls, you should not need to ‘thin your nose’ and change the whole structure of your face, and this girl who replied to my post, said they want to wear tons to make them feel good, but do they feel good with the outcome of when they remove their makeup and their skin is vile? Should you not focus on your actual face, coz my darlings when you wake up with your boyfriend the next morning and he don’t even recognize your ass and looks at u like ” who the hell are you” that’s when you gonna realize!

What gets me mad is I will see females looking at me like I am trash when I am seen without makeup on, well im sorry I do not feel the need to constantly wear this crap.


Hijabs wearing makeup

Now the other day I was at work, and basically had some Hijabi girl walk into my store, full face on. I however was not wearing any makeup because of course I was tired and just was not in the mood, and the look this girl was giving me was just amazing. This girl was looking at me like she was superior to me, and looking down at me, and basically giving me looks and then looking to see if i was looking at her, i’m guessing because she thought I was jealous, No honey.

The only thing that was running through my mind is, I swear you are wearing the Hijab for your religion, and to cover your hair so you aren’t attractive to men, yet you got all that makeup on girl, so it defeats the whole object of you wearing it doesn’t it?

The fact she was looking down on me because I was looking the way I was, was just annoying because honey you are going against your religion by even wearing makeup and your looking down on me, lol no way.

These girls are wearing cakey faces outside when they are even meant to be and then look down on others, who aren’t wearing makeup, well honey that’s how your meant to be!!

It was hilarious, because if I was not at work I would have said exactly that to her, but because I was I could not say anything and had to put up with the stares from her.

These girls are the biggest hypocrites, because they aren’t meant to be wearing all that crap on their faces and then look and judge girls who aren’t wearing make up, which is how they are meant to be. These girls are just so hilarious, because they wear layers and layers and then post all these religious quotes on social media, about going to heaven and blah blah when they aren’t even following their religion correctly, and then they will judge other girls on how they are dressed, when they are going against their religion anyway, and some of them do wear tight clothing themselves.


Contouring and highlighting, trying to look like Kim Kardashian!

Okay I just had to do this post, because I have been watching alot of videos over the past few days, and I just have been sitting there like… okay.

These videos that tell you ”how to contour, and look like Kim Kardashian” are just so ridiculous and I mean so overly ridiculous.

The amount of makeup these so called ”makeup artists” are using to achieve this look, is just OTT. Some videos last up to 40 minutes and the amount of products they are putting on their face to highlight and contour is in fact sickening. How the hell are you using that much shit on your face, around 8-9 layers of powders and foundations and highlighters.

When did this become a trend? And not to mention when the makeup is off they have round dark marks all over their faces, and blemishes and spots and all sorts, well of course because of the amount of chemicals in these products.


I do think you can highlight and contour with a lot less product, and you do not need to spend 40 minutes doing this, it can take a lot less time than that.

To be honest I do not see the need in going through this routine to look like a certain celebrity, totally pointless and ridiculous. I have tried this method before, and I was just not happy with how it turned out, it just looked over the top and I knew i had alot of product on my face and was just not at all happy.

Yes wearing make up is okay, but there is a limit to how much you are wearing to not ruin your face and make your face age quick and just look crappy without makeup. I cannot understand why people do this and why they are happy to do this to their faces.

And now there is a trend of highlighting the eyebrows, which is some massive lines underneath the eyebrow and above, with a shade of foundation which is a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone color, and it just looks so hideous.

People say they do this to thin their noses and highlight this and that and bring out this and that, but that’s not how you actually look, you should wear makeup to embrace what you have not hide what you have and try to make yourself not look like you.

I cannot stand all these so called make up artists on Instagram and Youtube teaching females that this is what you need to do before you go out, and this is what will make you look flawless and blah blah. Juts stop, the amount you are putting on your face is making your own skin far from flawless.

I hate this contouring and highlighting business, I do not see the point.


Je suis Charlie – Really? What about your own countries?

Now no disrespect, that’s not what this is right here. But millions in the UK and other countries are all gathering around saying ‘Je Suis Charlie’, I get that it is sad what happened, but I feel that there has been alot of incidents that have been worse that just haven’t had the same coverage as this has. 

Now the attack in Pakistan, never had any coverage , well it did, but not as much as this has. Its actually quite funny how all these countries are quick to jump up and ”support” this sad event, while millions are dying in your own countries, yet your travelling to parts of London chanting Je suis charlie, as if it is your own country. Even if millions gather together and say ‘ je suis charlie’ do you think it makes the slightest difference to what has happened? No it does not, it has still happened, and it will not change no matter how many facebook statuses go up and how many instagram pictures, and other social media statuses and pictures go up.

I am actually sick and tired of seeing this everywhere, when so many more worse incidents have happened, but do not have half of the coverage this has had. Why? I do not know.


Now this above, I find it funny how people are outraged, why are they outraged? I don’t see anyone being outraged, of other countries when people attack whats happened, this is just promoting a hotel!

I think too much coverage has been surrounding this for days, and it is really annoying when worse things have happened, but don’t get everyone paying their respects!!



Being alone is sometimes better


People always think that being alone is a bad thing, well it isn’t. 

I mean when your alone, you have time to yourself and get to know yourself a little better, and connect with yourself. You can do your own thing without upsetting anyone, or having an argument about what you want to do. 

It is far less stress when you are by yourself, you don’t have to listen to anyone. You are your own company, you do not need anyone else, and I’m not saying cut everyone off, but everyone needs some time alone, to grow and become better people and just zone out. 


Whats perfect. There is no such thing

Now ive seen so many celebrities being labelled “sexiest” this and that. But really there is no such thing, everyone is different in their own way.

I never idolise a celebrity, and I would love to tell teenagers and people who do to just stop.

All these celebrities like Kim kardashian, and Nikki Minaj, showing their arses and saying that big is better and men like this, but not everyone is the same, everyone has a different type, and why should have a big arse and big boobs make you sexy and perfect? Its the media of today that makes girls think this, there are people thee days injecting god knows what into their arses and gettint plastic surgery on themselves to look like these celebs or enhance their assets, totally wrong. You should never change how you was born, to look like some celebrity.

Teenagers making themselves sick, to look like models on the catwalk and becoming anorexic because of what the media portrays as “perfect” ive never ever wanted to look like a celebrity, because most of them without surgery and make up artists look just like us.

There are people who complain about their looks but I think you should embrace what you have, and realise that there is no pefect its all in your head.

Who can define perfect? How do we know its having perfect skin and perfect assets and beinf skinny or having massive arses. Perfect is what people believe is perfect and everyone sees that word differently.

People who are slightly over weight should never let arseholes bring them down, and tell them they are ugly because they have some meat here and there. People with people these days is they discriminate against people and its wrong, and if your not perfect you get bullied at school and u arent popular, and they make your life hell. But no one is 100% perfect but that is what makes us individuals and we need to accept who we are, and not try to change ourselves to be accepted and be respected.

Remember everyone is beautiful no matter what.

And this is why I got a tattoo done saying “imperfection is beauty” because it really is when your comfortable with who you are 🙂



When people say you cant, take the “t”off!

Its so easy to listen to when people say “you cant do it” what they really mean is THEY cant.

Never let anyone tell you that you cant do something, do they know what you can do? No they dont, they dont even know what they can do because they are negative people, and those people think they cant.

Theres so many young people who are put down by people everyday, and what happens, they end up not doing their dream. There will be obstacles that are put there to test you, but it never means you give up and u cant do anything, because you can anyone can.

The word to remember is can and not cant, i have been told I cant do so many things and what happened i saw i could do alot of the things they said i couldnt or wouldnt.

This life is what makes people not follow their dreams, because of the negative minds of others, a winner never quits, quitters never win. People will always put you down because thats what people do, but always remember you can do anything you want to, never listen never let them bring you down.