I have not posted in a while as I have been busy with work and personal things, I have not even been in the mind of writing anything.. But now I am back and have a few topics to discuss so here goes with one of them!

You know sometimes you have a feeling about someone, whether it is bad or good, and usually it is right, it is like you sense something from a person that lets you know exactly what they are like. You either stay away from that person, or know your going to get along well with someone, it is quite weird!

Like there are certain people that I have instantly stayed away from, like not necessarily disliked, but I knew there was something not quite right about them, and usually I was right, well in fact on all counts I was right, because I then found out something about them.

Sometimes you just know and then there’s those situations, that you do not know the person, and they put on a good act and then you find out how they really are, and it leaves you shocked. You never really know a person, ever, not in days, months or years, a person can change at any given time. Sometimes it is situations and circumstances that change a person and the way they act and come across, and sometimes it is just because they hid it well, and you did not even realize!

I for one have given up on a lot of people, sometimes I think there is not that many decent people left in this world, it seems like they have hidden agendas, and I frankly do not want to even be a part of those hidden agendas!

A lot of people think they have friends, when in reality they don’t, not many people have good friends, friends can turn to enemies real quickly! Friends have hidden agendas, and some of them get close to you to bring you down to their level or generally are just jealous and try to bring you down! Don’t get me wrong not every single friend is like that but the majority of them are!