Few Inspirational and interesting people…

Now these aren’t people who do comedy or sing on Instagram or Facebook or Youtube, or any other social media. Not even celebrities, this is real life people who suffer with conditions that they can not change and have to live with everyday and do not complain or are down on life. 

One of these people I find that is an inspiration to the rest of us is Lizzie Velasquez. 


I follow her Youtube account, and she has so many positive videos, with wise and motivational words for the rest of us, and is so upbeat and positive.

What shocked is the society of today labelled this woman ”the most ugliest woman in the world”, which is totally rubbish. What makes her ugly? I don’t see anything about this woman that is ugly, I see a beautiful, kind, happy spirited woman who takes time to make videos to help the rest of us.

Society of today, thinks someone is ugly when they have conditions that is not their fault, that they have to live with, and really the people who say she and others are ugly, are just ugly themselves, because the inside of those people are ugly, their heart is ugly and their spirit is ugly.

I like to watch Lizzie’s video’s because she is a true inspiration, and has difficulties in life that she has over come and has made something of herself despite the way that society labelled her horrible names in the past, and she was still positive about. And I wish her goodluck with her movie.

Another person that I follow on Youtube, is Johnluuu. 


Johnluuu was born as a male, and wears makeup and does his hair and looks great, to be honest he looks better than most girls do.

He is living his life how he wants it, and is not listening to what others say, and listening to the negative. He is living for him, and has been bullied for it and judged, but he still chooses to live his life how he wants it, and that is really good, because today’s society always say, this and that is wrong, and you shouldn’t live a certain way because it is wrong, well no it isn’t, who says living as a female is wrong if you were born as a male? Society that’s who, and that is just some close minded people, with nothing better to do than criticize the way other’s live, when they aren’t doing anything with their own lives. If he loves what he is doing, who is anyone to judge, and I respect people who live their own life, and do not care about what other’s think, because that is how we all should be, and not judge people, and use religious influences, to suggest that someone is not living right or going against what a religion is, people should be accepted the way they are, but unfortunately this is never the case.

I follow both of these people, and they are truly inspirational and interesting people.

Be who you want to be, not who other’s tell you to be, that is always important and you should always remember that.