50 Shades of Grey


So all I have been hearing for ages is about this movie that was going to be released on Valentines day in the cinema’s, and that it was the best movie of all time, and had all this hype about it and was everywhere. 

Unlike the rest of the world, me and my boyfriend DID NOT go to watch this film, nor did we discuss going to see this film. I did not even want to go to watch this film, because I do not see the point in taking your other half to go and watch 2 people, who by the way are being paid to act, but anyway as I was saying, I do not see the point in going to watch two people have sex on the big screen. Is your relationship that dead, that this is what you need to go and watch to achieve something? I find it a little weird, that people would not want to spend the evening together, but instead go and watch two bad actors have their weird sex on screen! Where is the logic here? Where is the Iove between the couple who choose to go and do this?

The media have put this movie in everyone’s heads, that they all needed to take their other half to the cinema and watch this dodgy film. I wanted to check this film out to see if my assumptions would be correct, that it would be a quite boring and crap movie, although I watched it in another language, I did not watch the full 2 hours of this film, I skimmed, as I watched the first 15 minutes of the film and it was quite boring. The actress Dakota and the actor Jamie,were the worst actors, you could see there was no passion and no on screen chemistry, no attraction, both very bland actors, you just don’t believe they are attracted to one another.

Another thing is, it just glamorizes domestic violence and sexual violence, I skipped through those bits because they were just not interesting at all, it is portrayed as an erotic film, it is not that at all. Maybe I think it isn’t that great because of the fact it was in another language, but I do not think so, another language or not, the acting and chemistry is still the same, I have seen better on screen relationship chemistry in soaps, than this movie. Both very boring and plain actors, just not good at all.

This movie says its okay for a man to treat a woman in this way, and treat her as an object, a sexual object, and nothing more than that. It makes it seem okay to use manipulation and violence because it is sexual, totally wrong!

This movie makes me so angry, I have no read the book, but I will do in due course, maybe it is just the movie that is this awful and badly written, I have no idea, I cannot judge the book as I have not read it. I am so glad I never followed the trend in going to the cinema and wasting money on this 2 hour movie, it would have been a wasted night, and a waste of money and 2 hours of my life!

The problem with this movie, is it was hyped up so much, so you kind of had high expectations of the movie, that the movie just did not meet in my opinion. I have seen a lot of people on youtube commenting on the movie trailer, about how they really wanted to see this movie and then said it was boring and was described as ’50 shades of shit’. I totally agree, I skimmed, and if a movie is that good, I never skim because the beginning keeps me watching the rest of the movie, when I skip and skim it means I am seriously bored and I probably spent around 30 mins of skimming the whole movie, not really watching big bits at a time.

If you are one of those who did not follow the trend, and did your own thing by yourself or with your other half, good on you, you would of wasted your entire time. I’m pretty sure in the cinema quite a few arguments would of broke out too, maybe the woman did not like their partner watching the naked girl, or the boyfriend not liking the other half watching the naked guy, I do not see why you would want to take your partner to watch two people nude and having sex, when you in fact yourself could be doing your own thing with your partner rather than sit in uncomfortable chairs watching two actors have sex, it just makes me laugh. I find it funny to all those who followed everyone else, and was sucked in into going and wasting your evening and watching this appalling movie, which really just degrades women, and puts them down, and lowers their respect for themselves, and just makes women seem weak.

The only thing I liked from this movie is the soundtrack, and that is about it! Beyonce – Crazy in love remix  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfQ7ucGQdOM

This movie in my opinion is really 50 shade of nothing but BS!❤️


Makeup rant part 2!


Now I had posted a comment yesterday evening on a video which is posted on how to contour like kim kardashian. The link is above, now I had some keyboard warrior comment back saying :


Now how hilarious is this, this girl had replied back to me with very little punctuation, and all caps. Keyboard warrior much?

Now I never said girls should not be wearing makeup, I myself wear it, I am simply stating the amount girls are wearing these days is hideous and makes them look completely different and not themselves, and they are covering up their natural beauty rather than embracing it. This keyboard warrior decided to get involved when her opinion was just so ridiculous and so childish, and swearing? Really? I never swore and even in my reply I did not swear, as I am more mature, and this is probably why she agrees with 40 minute long make up process as she has not fully turned into a woman and thinks that covering yourself to a extreme extent in liquids and chemicals is the right way to go. No honey No!!!

I watched it simply for the fact of fun, to see exactly how much girls are wearing these days and commented about a girl embracing what they have and not trying to cover it up, and try to look like Kim kardashian, who by the way has had loads of surgery to look how she does.

I am sorry, my opinion is my opinion, the same exact way that these girls are wearing this hideous make up and ruining their skin and their natural beauty!!

WHY WHY would you want to cover your face so much with all these chemicals, do you not know that less is more? I do not understand why women and females feel the need to cake it, and I MEAN LITERALLY CAKE THAT SHIZZLE! I mean do they not even worry about the effects it is having on their skin, do they not see the effects when they take their makeup off, are they that blind?

I am not against makeup, I think makeup should be used to bring out features you have and to embrace your features, not to change up your whole face and try to look like a celebrity that has had tons of surgery!

Imperfection is beauty remember that girls, you should not need to ‘thin your nose’ and change the whole structure of your face, and this girl who replied to my post, said they want to wear tons to make them feel good, but do they feel good with the outcome of when they remove their makeup and their skin is vile? Should you not focus on your actual face, coz my darlings when you wake up with your boyfriend the next morning and he don’t even recognize your ass and looks at u like ” who the hell are you” that’s when you gonna realize!

What gets me mad is I will see females looking at me like I am trash when I am seen without makeup on, well im sorry I do not feel the need to constantly wear this crap.