Money, work, money!


Well as it is pay day for most of us out there today, I thought this topic was most relevant, and it got me thinking…

The time you have when you are working/not working?

The photo above is so true, like what time do you have when you are not working, do you actually have enough time to spend all your hard earned cash? The obvious answer is YES NO you do not.

When you finish work, it is around 7, depending on where you live, it may take half an hour to an hour to get home, sometimes even longer, up to 3 hours. So be time you get home, your tired, you fell drained and you need a shower quick time to wash all the hard work from the day away.

You then just want to eat something and relax and then sleep again ready for the next day. Then you have a day off, which you would think you would have time the night before to stay up late watching movies or going out with your friends or doing whatever you want to do with your spare time, because of course you do not have work the next day, WRONG! Because you have been to work during the day, you are tired and end up falling asleep quite early, and the next day you sleep in quite late, and waste most of the day sleeping, because you are drained and tired, and that repeats on your next day off, if you have two days off a week, which you would if you work full time, and want to make money!

The money side of things

Now unless your earning above the minimum wage, or are superman or superwoman to have like 3-4 jobs, the money that you make from these jobs does not really go along way. I know on pay day it seems like it will, as it is just fresh sitting in your account, and hasn’t been touched and looks great, but as the day and weeks go by, you start to see the fading money, and the very little money you have left. So you then think to yourself ”where the hell did all my money go?”. The answer is, it went on travel, food, cigarettes(if you smoke) soft drinks, alcohol(if you drink), nights out, phone bills, rent, bills, clothing, etc. 

Most of your money, does in fact go on work related things, so you are basically working to work, and nothing else. Most people do not save a penny, as they just cant and it is impossible, so they go from month to month, living on what they earned that particular month, and have nothing else left.

I mean I am starting to think, what the hell is the point of working. Obviously there is because I would have no money at all, and would have to rely on the tax payers money to fund whatever, but there just is not any point in working these ridiculous hours, in these ridiculous demanding jobs, and not even getting any time to your self or getting to spend your money on things that are not work related.

Honestly this life is sometimes quite annoying, and it seems slavery, and just plain boring. I mean you slave and slave and slave your butt off, for basically just a wage, that probably is very little than you actually deserve!


Yes the customers!

Now we all hate customers, common we do.

Why is it they are so annoying, is it the place that you work that you get more annoying customers than the rest of the shops,  or is it just customers in general.

Now you get those picky types, the ones where nothing is good enough, the material isn’t good, or the price isn’t good or the length of the garment isn’t good. And then you get the ones, who act like they should be treated like royalty. Or when you open slightly late, like a minute late, they are all up in your faces demanding answers, like bitch do you pay for the rent of the shop or do you pay for the shop to be open, I think not calm yourselves down a little.

Now when I am a customer in a shop, I am the quite type, and that is not because I know what it feels to be a worker, its simply the fact that I do not like to embarrass myself in these shops.

You then get the thief customers, these are the type who like to ask no questions, walk around quietly and shifty and then clear the stock without leaving mess, probably the best customers of all, at least they aren’t asking you 1000 questions and making alot of mess, of course there is a downside to their work, which is profit loss of course.

Then there are the famous refunder’s, these people buy and buy and buy and then decide to just refund everything and do the same thing over and over and over again, NO THIS MUST STOP! How silly do you have to be to not know that you do not want the damn item, and then decide around 80 days later that you in fact do not like or want this product, then walk into the shop and demand a refund well you know damn well its passed the refund policy.

Then there are the ones who phone up and complain about products, that they have ripped or something has happened to them, or the ones who walk in and return some dirty smelly coat and say its come apart. Quite frankly I would be extremely embarrassed to return a dirty and smelly coat, and would just not bother, losing the money is better than losing your dignity. NO WAY, just walk away now!

Then there are the random ones, the ones who walk into a sports shop and ask for ”hello do you have the bra and the panties” No sorry do we look like we do, I mean honestly come on now! These customers will walk in and ask for the most random products that do not even match the shop, and just walk out or look at you like you are lying.

Then there are the ones who ask this very very very annoying and ridiculous question of all time ”Excuse me, do you work here” well nahhhh I just like to stand in the shops uniform for fun as I am that mental, and this is my full time job, I stand around in all the shops uniform up and down the high street all day, because I am that bored and mad and have nothing better to do with my life! WRONG, u know damn well we work here, you are just fully on annoying us and want a fight!

Then there are the rude ones, who will be all cocky and make out like they are in the right and they know this law and that law, and they WILL GO TO TRADING STANDARDS, you best believe they will, because they have nothing better to do with their day! They will report any little thing they hear or see to your head office, because this is all they have to do and this is why because NO ONE WANTS TO TALK TO THESE PEOPLE! That is why they are lonely sad people who go into shops, trying to terrorize all the workers and get them into trouble.

Don’t get me wrong there are the nice ones, the ones who are really nice and come in and have a joke and a nice conversation with you, and are polite and friendly and you like to help them because of this, but this is very rare, it doesn’t happen very much. 

I sometimes do not know what goes through these customers minds, me personally I just want to get my stuff and leave and get outta that shop, there’s people calling head office these days for not getting greeted at the door, what next will it be a case of rolling out the 6 ft red carpet for these people. Well if that is ever the case I would simply refuse to work in retail, I would simply not.

Certain customers will see you tidying a section, once its all tidied they will mess it up and not even buy anything from that section, they just did it to wind you up. Also you could be filling up a certain area or changing the way it looks, and BAM suddenly loads of people want what you are filling up when they never did for the last 2 hours that you wasn’t doing a damn thing!

I just think people need to learn some manners, and treat shops differently to how they currently are treating them, its a disgrace, especially for the workers. Fix yourself up if you are one of those annoying arsehole people!!



Work is just the longest process ever. Im currently sitting in the staff room just watching all the staff, as I am the manager of the store, wasnt being a pervert.

Sometimes I do think, what is the point of working? Do we need to work? Obviously we do because we need to eat, pay rent and live. But really, what is the point, we are working to survive and live and eventually we die. So all that work we have done, counts for nothing really.

Maybe I only feel like this because, right now I would rather be in my bed, just relaxing under the duvet, with my head on my nice massive comfy pillow. And not have to stand for hours and walk around and constantly keep talking. I probably am more angry because ive lost my 3 weeks of holiday because of no staff, and the fact that the new holiday has started on april 1st. Which now I have 4 weeks again to use by next year, technically I should have 7 weeks!

If only i could just go home and get into my bed.

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